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Studium Generale – Trust as the basis for human cooperation

To reunite, we must restore the basics of human cooperation: Trust (ENG) 

Kathleen Van Brempt, member EU Parliament (SP.A)
Introduction by Dirk Hye, lecturer AP University College

For some years now, we live in a highly polarized society, where opposite world views and clashing identities divide us. This division is experienced by most people in the form of deep distrust: distrust in ‘the others’, in the institutions, economic agents and banks, political parties and government, law enforcement… Nevertheless ‘Trust’ is the precondition for mutual cooperation which made it possible for us humans to create the level of welfare we now enjoy. Trust derives from the nature of humans as social creatures who developed an extraordinary talent to cooperate in very large groups, forging empires, boosting international trade, starting the industrial revolution and developing mindblowing technologies which saves lives and even lead us into space. None of this would be possible without collective action and solidarity based on trust. We live in a period of history in which we need to rely on each other more than ever if we want to address the challenges we are facing. Avoiding climate change which can threaten all of humanity, might be the ultimate cooperation challenge we face. Kathleen Van Brempt, Member of the European Parliament for the S&D group believes restoring trust is the key to progress.


De lezing is gratis.
Aanmelden is verplicht en kan via deze link.

Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen
Kunstencampus deSingel
Desguinlei 25
2018 Antwerpen

De lezingen gaan door van 19 tot 21 uur.

Met vragen kunt u terecht op studiumgenerale@ap.be.

van 19u tot 21u

18+ jaar

Waar: Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen - Kunstencampus deSingel, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerpen

Voor wie: voor iedereen

Prijs: gratis

Organisatie:  AP Hogeschool